Thursday, February 11, 2010

Confessions (Beginning Again)

I think the worst part of a blog is getting started. I have never really looked at myself as much of a writer but sometimes you just want to get things out and there is not always someone around to share with goes again.

Now, I say again because I have done this before but it was on homeschooling topics and though I am still homeschooling that is just not what I would spend most of my time talking about so I decided to move. In fact, I am not really sure what direction my life is taking right now. It is definitely a very confusing time. Maybe you can stick with me as I unravel what it is to become?

My oldest daughter just got married at the end of this past year and is now living 650+ miles away. For some this may be sad, and in part I guess there are times when it is but for the most part I am very happy for her. It was definitely time she left this cocoon and spread her wings. Lord knows it was too crowded here for two sets of wings. So I am one down with two more to go and many years to get there. I am sure the next twelve years will go by way too fast anyway.

I am hoping to learn some things about myself on this journey into the blog world as well as more about this whole endeavor. I have thought about writing a book though the topic eludes me at this point so maybe I can come up with something along the way as well.