Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seasonal Dilemmas

Here it is upon us again, The Holiday Season. I wish this time of year excited me but it really doesn't. I guess because it is so hard to keep the focus on the right things. I always seem to be out of routine and for some reason routine calms me. Another reason might be that I enjoy being able to get gifts for others but seem to always be without extra money at this time of year. Frustrating!

I have had a lot on my mind lately and seem to be struggling to get it out and onto a readable format. Unless you know someone who can read minds and if you do please send them my way and maybe they could get it out for me. I have been thinking about how we homeschool and what ways I am willing to change that, as well as the commitment to our business and how to work that. We have discussed relocating to another state so how that affects all of the above mentioned things as well. Family, spiritual and weight loss goals are just a few more things that float around in my mind as well. Top all of these things off with plumbing issues and financial strains and we have quite the mix.

Well, trying to get on the same page or wavelength with a partner is sometimes very difficult. With a just a business partner it is somewhat different than a spouse that happens to be your business partner as well. I mean with a business partner, we have to have common goals in business but with a spouse you have to be able to reach a common ground on relationship issues, parenting issues and financial issues, not to mention business issues. All this creates complicated procedures and sometimes very sensitive mine fields.

What to do when someone rarely seems happy with their life? I mean there are always going to be things that makes us dissatisfied with our life but shouldn't you be content at least some of the time with at least parts of your life. I have come across people that seem to be a real drain on the people around them. I mean it is very hard to keep yourself up when you are surrounded by people that are so down on themselves that they have a negative for every possible positive you present to them. Why are people like that? They should realize that attitude is the biggest part of positive. We only have control of two things our attitude and our own actions.