Sunday, March 24, 2013


There was only one perfect parent and he asked his son to be tortured and die for the benefit of those who did not understand, appreciate his sacrifice or admit their own sin. He got angry and made decisions that were not liked or agreed upon.

There was only one perfect teacher and his students were difficult, jealous, and didn't always understand the lesson.  He also paid the price for them regardless of their understanding.

Why do we as parents fear allowing our children to make their own mistakes while we can be there to help them cope with the consequences. No matter how great of a parent we think we are, we cannot control the decisions our children make any more than God can control the decisions that we make. We are not perfect children, nor are our children. I believe our goal is to teach our children how to deal with injustice because we all have to at some point. Which means we can't always keep them from making mistakes or shelter them from difficult circumstances or uncomfortable situations. Let them learn while you are around to guide  (not force) their decisions and cushion their fall. What happens when they leave without ever being able to experience the inevitable situations they will one day have to face without you?