Friday, March 26, 2010

Is it that Time Again?

Well I guess it is time I write some more. Since I spend most of my time at home with my children I guess I should write about them. The only people who will really know who I am talking about is the ones who already know them. I don't want to be ugly but I want to come up with nicknames for them. One of them is really easy I think I will call her Tinker-bell, she is short, all over the place and a serious attitude when things don't go her way, (Sometimes a little vindictive).

Now the other one is harder, she is very smart but often a little, let me see how can I put it...well ditsy or maybe she is just slow to get things, after all she is blonde in every sense of the word sometimes. She doesn't like to be called blonde but if the shoe fits right? or hair color? She has agreed that I can call her Space Cadet.

So I guess in the future when I refer to them in those terms you can know that I am referring to my daughters. Tinker-bell is 6yo and Space Cadet is almost 12yo.  For some reason, even though I have brown hair and brown eyes all of my girls were born with blonde or light brown hair and blue eyes. If I hadn't been there and in possession of all my faculties when they were born I would swear they were switched at birth. I guess I can't say that though because if you knew my family you would definitely see how they are very much like different people in it. And though I see them all very differently other people say they all look alike and I do see their similarities as well.

I also have another daughter as mentioned in the previous post the recently married. She has her own blog and is known as Trials & Tribulations of a Spastic Sarcastic. The Space Cadet has one  The Babblings of a Blonde. Their father has one as well called Need for Speed. Now the very smart Tinker-bell would be in the mix as well if her mean old mother would let her but I am just not ready for what she would share nor is the world I am afraid.