Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spinning Teacups

It would seem to me that we can compare life to the ever popular amusement ride "Spinning Teacups". Have you ever thought about it? Life throws us several spins and turns itself and then we think it is fun to reach out and make our cup spin even more and ever faster. For some the challenge seems to be how fast you can make it spin. Maybe it gives them a sense of control over the situation. They really don't have control over when it starts or when it ends but hey they can control how fast their cup goes, even if it makes them sick. I mean even if you stop trying to spin the cup you don't have any control over when it actually stops spinning. Oh, so many parallels to life.

I guess my question would be why do so many of us continue to make the ride worse for ourselves  when we can just accept the spins and turns that come instead of adding so many more. Well,of course, some would say it is the thrill and excitement, the adrenaline rush, but I say it is a sense of control. If I am the cause of the grief or stress in my life I can tell myself that if I make the right decisions then it will all be fine but if I am not the one in control then I have to say that I have no power and that sounds weak. It is not weak but we perceive it to be weak. Surrender sounds weak but actually it is strength and trust. If we surrender to someone it is an ultimate sign of trust. We believe that person will do what is best for us, take us where we need to be. If they don't surrender becomes harder and harder, until it is impossible. 

What I don't understand is why so many of us don't trust God. He knew the beginning, He knows the end so why do we not think He is capable of handling our middle. Isn't it kind of like driving with a blindfold and the navigator not having the map. I want the map to be current and the person next to me knowing how to read it. I can't think of a single person or entity other than God who fits that description. He knows the road, all the turns, all the bumps, all the potholes and all He is asking is for us to let Him help us down the road. Why won't we let Him?

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