Saturday, April 10, 2010

Please, Come and Get Your Children!

OK, so could someone tell me who left their kids, "I don't know", "Nobody", and "It wasn't me" at my house?
Normally I wouldn't complain too much but really they are starting to cause problems here. I am sure they aren't mine because I was very careful to make sure all of my children's names started with the same letter "A". I thought it would get easier since I just got one of them out of the house but "no" it is still a mystery who does all the questionable things at our house. I get consistent answers from my children when I ask questions so I feel that I must have some how managed to pick up additional children by the above mentioned names.

"Who got into the candy bars?" I ask.
"It wasn't me" Space Cadet answers.
"Well who was it then?" I counter.
"I don't know", she responds with attitude. So I then ask Tinkerbell, "Did you get into the candy bars?" to which she responds "NO, It wasn't me."
Well somebody got into them, they didn't eat themselves, So who ate them? "Nobody" they both respond adamantly.

I just don't understand who would abandon such dear children as these? I mean if I am to believe my own dearly beloved innocent children then "Nobody","I don't know", and "It wasn't me" are extremely busy albeit a bit destructive children. They are intelligent  because they have found some very good hiding places in an unfamiliar home to them.

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